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About the report

The Majority Report is a comprehensive community-driven data report generated from the collective contributions of CrowdSec's rapidly-growing network of 65,000+ active users. It offers key insights into the rise of IPv6 and the role of VPN in cybercriminal activities. 

This report is a valuable resource on emerging cybersecurity threats and trends across the globe. This collective effort of developers, organizations, and cybersecurity experts focuses on equipping organizations and security teams with the means to fortify their systems against upcoming threats.

Key insights:

 ➰ IPv6 represents 20% of reported malicious IPs.

 ➰  Only 5% of reported IPs are flagged as VPN or proxy users.

 ➰ The number of compromised assets is not the most accurate method of evaluating an Autonomous System (AS).

 ➰ Malevolent Duration (MD) is a more accurate metric for evaluating AS.

 ➰ Third-party reports of infected machines play a significant role.

 ➰ Low MD translates to a lower risk for a business to inherit a machine that has been flagged as malevolent.

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